Bress Healthcare is in accordance with current French national authority for health (HAS) and National Commission on Informatics and Liberty (CNIL) recommendations.
All stored health data will be hosted in a French Approved Health Data Host (HADS) during the legal storage life.

We develop a platform which gives doctors access to a better cooperation and data analysis.

Our tools are designed in close relationship with health professionals in order to meet the everyday needs of doctors.
Spend less time with the tool,
and more with your patient
Being aware of the importance of your profession, we focus on user-friendliness to enable our users to spend more time with their patients.
as an assistant
The aim of our tools is not to replace your expertise.. They improve your life by facilitating the to share your knowledge with other doctors as well as with your patients.
for better healthcare
Multidisciplinary approaches are essential in medicine. This is why we work day after day to simplify discussions about clinical cases, anywhere in the world anywhere in the world.

Our products

We are looking for doctors or health institutions wishing to use our tools thus allowing us to constantly improving them.


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