Our solutions for healthcare professionals

Facilitate communication anywhere in the world

    Videoconferencing for global communication

A physician in Bolivia can get in touch with his colleague in France and share clinical and patient-generated data with other healthcare providers.

    Works in the slowest of internet networks

Whatever the country and continent, we ensure the quality of our visio-conferences.

    International Conference calls

If the visio-conference is not accessible, users can share the information on our platform afterwards via conference call.

Fast, easy and smart.

The best way to have access to a medical expert

    Simple scheduling tool

The calendar allows a minimum of two healthcare providers to schedule a tele-expertise session. The requesting center and the expert center interact thanks to a smart calendar that enhances the organization of tele-expertise sessions.

Information flow

   Smart forms

Our forms allow medical professionals to save time, as they access essential clinical information and exchange with their colleagues seamlessly.

    Facilitates mutlidisciplinary meetings (MM)

The summary data sheet allows the different users to optimize information flow. The patient healthcare pathways are simple; all professionals access the same information.

Appropriate notifications

   E-Mail & SMS notifications for medical use

Platform users can setup their notifications on email or SMS, as well as the frequency of reminders (from several weeks to one hour before the meeting)

Sharing knowledge

   Therapeutic education

Our products participate in the embedded e-learning of healthcare professionals and also provide patients with an interactive therapeutic education. This learning process is adapted to the patient’s needs in order to enhance their empowerment.

   Medical decision support systems are adapted to all platforms

Available everywhere in the world, our medical decision support systems are adapted to local geographic and economic contexts